About post-fire drill scripts

You can specify a script for the Fire Drill Wizard to run on the secondary site at the end of the fire drill.

For the wizard to run the script, the script must exist on the secondary system that you are specifying for the fire drill.


The wizard does not support using script commands to launch a user interface window. In such a case, the process is created but the UI window does not display.

Optionally, you can specify to run a Windows PowerShell cmdlet by creating a .bat file.

To run a cmdlet

  1. Create a .bat file with the following entry:
    PowerShell.exe -command "$ScriptName"

    In this entry, $ScriptName is either the fully qualified .ps1 script, or the cmdlet entered by user.

    For example:

    PowerShell.exe -command C:\myTest.ps1
  2. Specify the name of the .bat file as the script to run.