Deleting the fire drill configuration

If you no longer need a fire drill configuration you can delete it. Deleting a fire drill configuration deletes the fire drill service group on the secondary site.

In a Volume Replicator replication environment, deleting a fire drill configuration also performs a snap abort of the snapshot mirrors created on the secondary site for use in the fire drill. It frees up the disk space used for the snapshot mirrors for other use.

In a Hitachi TrueCopy or EMC SRDF environment, you could manually remove mirrors after the deletion is complete.

To delete a fire drill configuration

  1. If you have just used the wizard to prepare or restore a fire drill configuration and have not exited the wizard, go to step 8.

    Otherwise continue with the next step.

  2. From the Solutions Configuration Center, start the Fire Drill Wizard (expand Solutions for Additional Applications, expand Fire Drill, expand Configure or run a fire drill, and click Fire Drill Wizard).
  3. In the Welcome panel, click Next.
  4. In the System Selection panel, specify a system in the primary site cluster and click Next.

    The default system is the node where you launched the wizard.

  5. In the Service Group Selection panel, select the service group that was used for the fire drill and click Next.
  6. In the Secondary System Selection panel, specify the system on which the fire drill was run at the secondary site.
  7. If the wizard detects that the fire drill service group is different from the application service group, it displays the Re-create Fire Drill Service Group panel. Clear the option to re-create the fire drill service group and click Next.
  8. If the wizard detects that the fire drill service group is still online, the Fire Drill Restoration panel is displayed. Review the requirements for restoration and click Next.
  9. In the Restore Fire Drill screen, wait until the screen shows the restoration tasks are completed. Then click Next.
  10. In the Fire Drill Mode Selection panel, click Delete Fire Drill Configuration and click Next, and click Yes to confirm the deletion.
  11. The Fire Drill Deletion panel shows the progress of the deletion. Wait until all tasks are complete and then click Next.

    If errors occur while deleting the fire drill configuration, the wizard will list any incomplete steps so that you can complete them manually.

  12. The Summary panel is displayed. Click Finish.