Getting started with Just In Time Availability

You can access the Just In Time Availability solution from the vSphere Web Client > Veritas AppProtect interface.

The Veritas AppProtect is registered with Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager (VIOM), and is accessed from the vSphere Web Client > Home view.

Figure: Elements of the Veritas AppProtect interface describes the Veritas AppProtect interface in detail.

Figure: Elements of the Veritas AppProtect interface

Elements of the Veritas AppProtect interface

Table: Elements of the Veritas AppProtect interface and the description





Plans tab

Enables setting up a plan for a planned failover and unplanned recovery.

Displays the plan attributes, and the virtual machines that are added to the plan.

Displays the status of virtual machines for unplanned recovery and schedule for virtual machine back up operation based on the criteria set while configuring or editing the plan.

Shows the enabled or disabled failover, failback, delete clone, revert, delete plan, and properties operations icons based on the state of the selected plan for planned failover.


History tab

Displays the status and the start and the end time of the specific operation performed on the created plans.


Configure Plan link

Opens the Plan Configuration wizard.


Plans table

Displays the attributes of the plan.


Failover icon

Fails over the applications from the original virtual machine to the clone.


Failback icon

Fails back the applications from the clone to the original virtual machine.


Delete Clone icon

Deletes the cloned virtual machine.


Revert State icon

Reverts the failed operation, restores the applications to the original virtual machines, and delete the clone virtual machines.


Delete Plan icon

Deletes the plan.


Properties icon

Displays the attributes of each virtual machine and the clone.


Operation-specific tabs

Displays the sequence of the tasks that are performed for the selected operation.

Based on the operation that is executed, the associate tab opens.

For Planned Maintenance

  1. Failover

  2. Failback

  3. Revert

  4. Delete Clone

For Unplanned Recovery

  • Unplanned Recovery Summary


Diagnostic information

Displays the logs that are reported for the Veritas AppProtect interface.

See Plan states.