Considerations when creating disk groups and volumes for a campus cluster

When you create the disk groups for a campus cluster, ensure that each disk group has the same number of disks on each physical site. You create each volume as a mirrored volume with one plex of the volume on Site A's storage array and the other plex of the volume on Site B's storage array.

Veritas recommends using the SFW site-aware allocation feature for campus cluster storage. Site-aware allocation can ensure that site boundary limits are maintained for operations like volume grow, subdisk move, and disk relocation.

Enabling site-aware allocation for campus clusters requires the following steps in the VEA:


The hot relocation operation does not adhere to site boundary restrictions. If hot relocation causes the site boundary to be crossed, then the Site Separated property of the volumes is changed to Siteless. This is done so as not to disable hot relocation. To restore site boundaries later, you can relocate the data that crossed the site boundary back to a disk on the original site and then change back the properties of the affected volumes.

For more information on site-aware allocation, refer to the Storage Foundation Administrator's Guide.

When you create the volumes for a campus cluster, consider the following: