Viewing the available disk storage

Before creating disk groups and volumes you may want to view available disk storage.

To view the available disk storage

  1. Launch VEA from Start > All Programs > Veritas > Veritas Storage Foundation > Veritas Enterprise Administrator or, on Windows 2012 operating systems, from the Apps menu in the Start screen.

    Select a profile if prompted.

  2. Click Connect to a Host or Domain.
  3. In the Connect dialog box select the host name from the pull-down menu and click Connect.

    To connect to the local system, select localhost. Provide the user name, password, and domain if prompted.

  4. In the VEA configuration tree, expand hostname > StorageAgent and then click Disks.

    The internal names for the disks which the current system can access for available storage are displayed, with names Harddisk1, Harddisk2, etc. The list includes both disks internal to the local system and any external storage that is available.