Adding disks to campus cluster sites

For campus cluster storage, Veritas recommends using Storage Foundation for Windows (SFW) site-aware allocation. To enable site-aware allocation, you assign a site name to disks after they are added to a disk group. In the VEA assigning a site name is referred to as adding disks to a site.

For example, Disk1 and Disk2 are physically located on Site A and Disk3 and Disk4 are physically located on Site B. Therefore, you add Disk1 and Disk2 to site_a and add Disk3 and Disk4 to site_b.

To add disks to a site

  1. From the VEA console, right-click a disk that needs to be added to a site and select Add Disk to Site.

    Disks must be part of a dynamic disk group in order to add them to a site.

  2. In the Add Disk to a Site screen, choose one of the following:
    • Choose Select a new site and specify a new site name.

      The site name can include any alphanumeric value and valid characters like the period (.), dash (-), and underscore ( _ ). It cannot exceed 31 characters. Site names are case insensitive; all names are converted to lowercase.

    • Choose Available Sites and select a site from the list.

  3. From the Available Disks column, select the disk or disks to add to the specified site.
  4. Click OK.