Setting up security for Volume Replicator

As the first configuration step for Volume Replicator replication, you must configure the Volume Replicator Security Service (VxSAS) on all cluster nodes on both the primary and secondary sites.

The Microsoft cluster groups can be either online or offline.

Note the following prerequisites to configure the VxSAS service:

For details on this required service, see the Volume Replicator Administrator's Guide.

To configure the VxSAS service

  1. Launch the wizard from Start > All Programs > Veritas > Veritas Storage Foundation > Configuration Wizards > VVR Security Service Configuration Wizard or, on Windows 2012 operating systems, from the Apps menu in the Start screen.

    Alternatively, run vxsascfg.exe from the command prompt to launch the wizard.

    Read the information provided on the Welcome page and click Next.

  2. Complete the Account Information panel as follows:

    Account name (domain\account)

    Enter the administrative account name.


    Specify a password

    If you have already configured the VxSAS service for one host that is intended to be a part of the RDS, make sure you specify the same user name and password when configuring the VxSAS service on the other hosts.

    Click Next.

  3. On the Domain Selection panel, select the domain to which the hosts that you want to configure belong:

    Selecting domains

    The Available domains pane lists all the domains that are present in the Windows network neighborhood.

    Move the appropriate name from the Available domains list to the Selected domains list, either by double-clicking it or using the arrow button.

    Adding a domain

    If the domain name that you require is not displayed, click Add domain. This displays a dialog that lets you specify the domain name. Click Add to add the name to the Selected domains list.

    Click Next.

  4. On the Host Selection panel, select the required hosts:

    Selecting hosts

    The Available hosts pane lists the hosts that are present in the specified domain.

    Move the appropriate host from the Available hosts list to the Selected hosts list, either by double-clicking it or using the arrow button. Use the Shift key with the up or down arrow keys to select multiple hosts.

    Adding a host

    If the host name you require is not displayed, click Add host. In the Add Host dialog specify the required host name or IP in the Host Name field. Click Add to add the name to the Selected hosts list.

    After you have selected a host name, the Configure button is enabled. Click Configure to proceed with configuring the VxSAS service.

  5. After the configuration completes, the Configuration Results page displays whether or not the operation was successful. If the operation was not successful, the page displays the details on why the account update failed, along with the possible reasons for failure and recommendations on getting over the failure.

    When configuring the VxSAS service for Volume Replicator in a firewall setup, the VxSAS wizard may not be able to configure the machines that are across the firewall, although the Host Selection dialog may list these nodes. In this case, configure the VxSAS service locally on the machines that are across the firewall.

    Click Back to change any information you had provided earlier.

  6. Click Finish to exit the wizard.