Creating resources for Volume Replicator

Create the resources for Volume Replicator replication at the primary and secondary sites using the Failover Cluster Management tool. You create a network name resource and IP address resource to be used for Volume Replicator replication.

A separate valid IP address is necessary for Volume Replicator replication, because on the secondary cluster before a disaster, the application IP must be offline whereas the Volume Replicator IP must be online.

You create the resources for the primary site and then repeat the procedure to create the resources on the secondary site.

To create a Network Name resource and IP address resource for Volume Replicator replication

  1. Right-click on the application group and select Add a Resource > Client Access Point.
  2. In the Client Access Point panel of the New Resource Wizard, specify the following:

    • In the Name field, specify a name for the Network Name resource. The default is the name of the group you selected. Specify any name except the node and the virtual server name. The network name you assign when creating the resource for the secondary site must be different from the network name for the primary site.

    • Select the network and specify the IP address.

    Click Next.
  3. In the Confirmation panel, review the information and click Next.
  4. When configuration is complete, click Finish.
  5. Repeat the same procedure to create the IP and the Network Name resource at the secondary site.
  6. Bring the resources online.