Preparing an EV snapshot mirror

Preparing Enterprise Vault (EV) for snapshot involves preparing all the dependent components of EV. The Prepare operation can be performed at the EV farm, sites, Vault StoreGroups, Vault Stores, or any component level. When you right-click an EV object and select the Enterprise Vault Prepare operation from the context menu, related EV sites, components, etc. within (subordinate to) the EV object are prepared for snapshot mirrors.


You can have only one snapshot volume on a disk for a particular production volume.


If a volume is used for more than one component, it will be snapshot prepared only once when all the components are specified in vxsnap prepare command or in Enterprise Vault Prepare Wizard. However, when all the components are separately prepared for snapshot mirrors, then the volume gets prepared many times (once for every component).

The snapshot mirrors remain attached to the original volumes and continue to be updated until you use the Enterprise Vault Snapshot Wizard, the vxsnap create command, or the Enterprise Vault Snapshot Scheduler Wizard to create the snapshot set.

Please note the following:

To prepare the snapshot mirrors, you can use either of the following methods:

To prepare volumes for EV snapshot mirror using the VEA

  1. On the VEA console, navigate to the Storage Agent in the tree-view and expand the Enterprise Vault nodes, under Applications.
  2. Right-click the desired Enterprise Vault component and select Enterprise Vault Prepare from the context menu.
  3. The Enterprise Vault Prepare Wizard is launched.

    Read the information on the Welcome page. Click Next.

  4. From the Select Component page, select the EV components, sites, Vault Store Groups, Vault Stores, or partitions for which you want to prepare snapshot mirrors.

    Additionally, you can also use the keyboard shortcuts to select EV components. Use Ctrl+ A to select the entire EV farm along with sites and components. Use Ctrl+Click to select EV components of your choice. Use Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up, Down keys to select components located at the upper and lower hierarchies in the EV farm.

    Click Next.

  5. Review the summary page for description of the selected sites and components that are prepared. Click Finish to complete the Prepare operation for the selected components.