Creating a one-time EV snapshot set

SFW provides support for creating snapshots for the Enterprise Vault farm, sites, Vault StoreGroups, Vault Stores, or any component level. You can create snapshots of all volumes associated with the EV components without taking the databases offline and disrupting the database operations.

Creating a one-time snapshot or snapshot set is a two-step process:


The Enterprise Vault Snapshot Wizard and the vxsnap utility can be invoked from any node that has the Enterprise Vault Admin service running in the Enterprise Vault Configuration.

When you right-click an EV object and select Enterprise Vault Snapshot from the context menu, the EV objects and components within (subordinate to) the selected EV object are all included in the snapshot. You can also add more Enterprise Vault objects from the objects shown in Enterprise Vault Snapshot wizard.

Please note the following:

Review the configuration prerequisites before proceeding with the create snapshot operation for EV.

See Configuration requirements for snapshots.

To create snapshots using the Enterprise Vault Snapshot Wizard

  1. On the VEA console, navigate to the Storage Agent in the tree-view and expand the Enterprise Vault nodes under Applications.
  2. Select the desired EV node for which you want to create a snapshot. Right-click and select Enterprise Vault Snapshot from the context menu.

    The menu option is also available at the EV site and any component level.

  3. The Enterprise Vault Snapshot Wizard is launched. Read the information on the Welcome page and click Next.
  4. On the Select Component page is select components for snapshot sets.

    Complete the information on this page as follows:

    Select Component for snapshot operation

    Select the component for the snapshot set

    Additionally, you can also use the keyboard shortcuts to select EV components.Ctrl+ A selects the entire EV farm along with sites and components. Use Ctrl+Click to select EV components of your choice. Use Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up, Down keys to select components located at the upper and lower hierarchies in the EV farm.


    The wizard creates the snapshot set metadata XML file. The XML metadata file is stored by default in the directory shown on the screen.


    The XML file for the snapshot must be stored separately from the volumes that are included in the snapshots, otherwise a restore will fail.

    The XML file location can be changed in the following two ways:

    • First, edit the directory path in the Directory field for this wizard screen.

    • Second, change the XML file location. Use a text editor to create a text file named redirect.txt. This text file should contain a single text line specifying the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path to the location of the XML file, for example, \\ServerName\SharedFolderName. Saves the redirect.txt file in the default directory C:\Program Files\Veritas\Veritas Volume Manager\VSSXML.

      If SFW/SFW HA is installed on the D drive, then the path will be the same as above, but on the D drive.


    You must not use the volume name or volume path in the redirect.txt file that is involved in the snapshot. If the volume name or path for the snapshot is used, then a restore will fail.

    Select snapshot type

    Select the snapshot type.You can specify that snapshots to be created as either a Full Backup or Copy.

    • Full Backup

      Full Backup is used to restore an Enterprise Vault component. If you want a replay log for restoring a component, you should select the Full Backup option. When replaying logs, it replays from the last time of the last Full Backup.

    • Copy

      A Copy does not affect the sequence of log replay and therefore is often used as an "out of band" copy for purposes such as testing or data mining.

    Click Next.

  5. The summary page is displayed.

    Review the specifications of the snapshot set and click Finish to complete the snapshot operation for the selected components.

To create the snapshot set from the command line