Post-recovery steps

After you have performed any of the recovery methods, whether point-in-time or roll forward, you should refresh the snapshot set, by performing a snapback to reattach the snapshot mirrors, and then create a new snapshot set.

See Refreshing a snapshot set .

In a Volume Replicator environment, there is an additional post-recovery step. During a point-in-time recovery in a Volume Replicator environment, the volumes on the secondary site lose write-order fidelity. DCM automatically becomes active to ensure data consistency between the primary and secondary sites. While DCM is active, the volumes cannot be expanded by either manual or AutoGrow operations. You must perform a manual resynchronization of the secondary to deactivate DCM.

To resynchronize the node at the secondary site with the node at the primary site:

  1. Right-click on the primary RVG and click Resynchronize Secondaries.
  2. Click Yes to resynchronize the nodes.