About the Quick Recovery Configuration Wizard

The Quick Recovery Configuration Wizard provides the most complete method of configuring snapshot sets and is therefore recommended for initial implementation. The Quick Recovery Configuration Wizard enables you to schedule all phases of snapshot creation and maintenance as follows:

The wizard enables you to set up and schedule multiple snapshot sets for one or more databases in a SQL Server instance. Each database can have different filegroups, such as Database, Log, and FILESTREAM filegroups.

You can set up one or more schedules for each snapshot set. You can schedule when to prepare the snapshot mirrors, when to create the initial snapshot sets, and when to refresh the snapshot sets, enabling you to establish a schedule that best suits your site. For example, you can schedule mirror preparation, the most time-consuming step, for a time of low activity. The scheduling capability automates the process of refreshing the snapshot sets. At the time scheduled for the snapshot, the snapshot volumes are automatically reattached, resynchronized, and then split again.

The snapshot creation process integrates with VSS to quiesce the database and then simultaneously snapshot the volumes in the database. The snapshot is done while the database is online and without disrupting the database operations.

Once configured and applied, snapshot schedules are maintained by the Veritas Scheduler Service, which runs in the background.

The wizard includes the following settings:

Optionally, you can also specify scripts to run before and after snapshots.

After you configure the settings, you can do one or both of the following: