About scheduling or creating an individual snapshot set

You can use the VSS Snapshot Scheduler Wizard to add a snapshot schedule for all volumes of a selected database. Like the Quick Recovery Configuration Wizard, the scheduler wizard enables you to automate the refreshing of snapshots according to the schedule that you define.

However, unlike the Quick Recovery Configuration Wizard, the VSS Snapshot Scheduler Wizard does not prepare the snapshot mirrors. You must use the Prepare command to prepare the snapshot mirrors before running the VSS Snapshot Scheduler Wizard for that database. In addition, you can only use the scheduler wizard to schedule one snapshot set for one database at a time.


Adding a snapshot set using the VSS Snapshot Scheduler will not update the template settings created with the Quick Recovery Configuration Wizard. If you want to keep the template settings up to date, you should instead run the Quick Recovery Configuration Wizard to modify the schedule.

At times you may want to create a one-time snapshot of a specific volume or volumes. You can do so using either the vxsnap command line utility or from the Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA) console using the VSS Snapshot and Snapback wizards.

If you want to snapshot only a single volume rather than multiple volumes in the database, you can use the VEA Snapshot Volume Wizard rather than the VSS SQL Snapshot Wizard. See the Storage Foundation Administrator's Guide.