Securing Volume Replicator

Volume Replicator is capable of replicating over a firewall and also supports Network Address Translation (NAT).

Volume Replicator operations can be performed directly from the VEA or using the CLI. You can perform the operations on the various Volume Replicator objects which include RVG, RDS, replicated volumes, and the RLINKs (Secondaries). Some Volume Replicator operations involve more than one host as a part of their operations. Before executing such an operation, Volume Replicator first validates whether the originator host is allowed to execute the specified operation on the target hosts. If not, the specified operation fails. The Volume Replicator Security Service (VxSAS) wizard manages the validation process, also known as the security check. These measures provide a higher level of security to your application and data.

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Security considerations for Volume Replicator