Understanding replication settings for a Secondary

The Volume Replicator replication settings determine the replication behavior between the Primary RVG and the corresponding Secondary RVG.

Volume Replicator behaves differently based on the option that has been specified for the following:

To use these replication settings effectively in your environment, it is important to understand how each setting affects replication when the Primary and Secondary are connected and disconnected. A Secondary is said to be disconnected from the Primary if there is communication loss between Primary and Secondary RVG because of a network outage or administrative action.

Volume Replicator enables you to set the replication mode, latency protection, and Replicator Log protection using both the GUI and the CLI. The following sections explain the concepts that are associated with these settings, with the help of the command line attributes synchronous, latencyprot, and srlprot respectively. These attributes are of the form attribute=value. Each attribute setting can affect replication and must be set up with care. These settings can also be changed from the GUI using the Change Replication Settings dialog box.