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gabadb - adb macros for GAB


The gabadb macros may be used to print out GAB data structures and logs from either the running kernel or a core file. They are useful for debugging GAB related problems. The following are a list of GAB adb macros that are available.

gaball : This macro prints out all the GAB data structures and logs(message log and debug log)

gab : This macro prints out the GAB structure.

gabports : This macro prints out the port structure for each open port.

gabmlogs : This macro prints out the message logs for all current as well as previously active ports.

gabdlogs : This macro prints out the debug logs.


The following example illustrates how to use the gaball macro. The macros are to be executed from the adb prompt.

 adb $<gaball

VCS 8.0.0 GABADB(1M)