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gabdiskconf - GAB disk configuration utility


/sbin/gabdiskconf [-i disk_name] [-r disk_name] [-s start_blk] [-S signature]


The gabdiskconf utility can be used to initialize a GAB disk region. It also writes the disk signature to the beginning of each block. The disk signature has three components :
1) a fixed system prefix, "GAB"
2) the node id for the block, and,
3) a 4-byte string representing the user-supplied signature. After the disk region has been initialized, the gabdiskx/gabdiskhb utilities can be used in conjunction with the -S option to initiate signature checks. Signature checks are optional, but, if employed, offer better disk region integrity


The following options are supported for gabdiskconf:
-i disk_name -s start -S signature
  Initializes the disk region, computes and writes the signature to the disk region
-r disk_name -s start
  Reads and prints the disk region. This option can be used to verify if the region has been initialized.


The following example command (shown for different platforms) initializes a disk region starting at block no. 0 (at block 16, in the case of Solaris) with the string representing the signature specified by the user.

For Solaris:

# /sbin/gabdiskconf -i /dev/dsk/c1t1d0s0 -s 16 -S1100

For AIX:

# /sbin/gabdiskconf -i /dev/hdisk4 -s 0 -S 1100

For Linux:

# /sbin/gabdiskconf -i /dev/sdg -s 0 -S 1100

For HP:

# /sbin/gabdiskconf -i /dev/vg01/lvol1 -s 0 -S 1100


The following exit values are returned:
0 Successful completion.
1 Command failed.


When LLT and GAB are running under a cluster manager other than VCS, configure LLT and GAB as per the cluster manager’s supplementary documentation on LLT and GAB. This command in applicable only in VCS environment.


gabdiskhb(1m), gabdiskx(1m)

VCS 7.3.1 gabdiskconf(1M)