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gabdiskx - GAB exclusive disk utility


/sbin/gabdiskx [-a name] [-x name] [-d name] [-m name]
[-r name] [-i name] [-s start] [-l] [-S signature]


The gabdiskx utility can be used to configure, acquire/release ownership, monitor and delete exclusive disk objects.


The following options are supported for gabdiskx:
-a name -s start
  Add a new exclusive disk object if it doesn’t already exist. The newly created object shall be initialized and will be added to the pool of existing disk objects.
-x name -s start
  Gain ownership of the disk object. If this option is set, the gabdiskx utility tries to gain ownership for the local node. If some other node is already the owner of the disk region, gabdiskx returns failure.
-d name -s start
  Deletes the disk object from the pool of disk objects. gabdiskx will return failure if no such disk object exists. gabdiskx returns failure with errno set as EBUSY if there is another process waiting for I/O completion on the disk.
-m name -s start
  This option shall determine if the local node is the owner of the specified disk region. If so it returns success, else it returns failure.
-i name -s start
  This option takes a snapshot of the current and previous counters for the local node.
-r name -s start
  This option releases ownership of the disk region.
-c name -s start
  This option checks whether the specified disk region is accessible from the local node.
-l This option lists all the exclusive GAB disks and their membership information.
-S signature This option prompts GAB to check for the specified signature every time it reads the region. Refer to the gabdiskconf manual page for more details on signatures. You must have run the gabdiskconf utility to specify a signature before using this option. In case of a signature mismatch, GAB marks the disk as faulted.


The following command (shown for different platforms) allocates an exclusive disk resource:

For Solaris:

# /sbin/gabdiskx -a /dev/dsk/c1t1d0s0 -s 16

For AIX:

# /sbin/gabdiskx -a /dev/hdisk4 -s 0

For Linux:

# /sbin/gabdiskx -a /dev/sdg -s 0

For HP:

# /sbin/gabdiskx -a /dev/vg01/lvol1 -s 0


The following exit values are returned:
0 Successful completion.
1 Command failed.


When LLT and GAB are running under a cluster manager other than VCS, configure LLT and GAB as per the cluster manager’s supplementary documentation on LLT and GAB. This command in applicable only in VCS environment.


gabconfig(1m), gabdiskhb(1m) gabdiskconf(1m)

VCS 7.3.1 gabdiskx(1M)