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getcomms - Get comms logs & snapshot for post analyses


getcomms [-help] [-local | -remote ] [-ssh ]


The getcomms utility collects all necessary logs and state snapshots from both the comms components, LLT & GAB. By deafult, it collects data from the entire cluster. It uses the llthosts file to create a list of all nodes, and relies on pre-configured rsh (or ssh, if -ssh flag is provided) to reach peer nodes. The utility eventually creates a timestamped tarball in the /tmp directory.
Warning: getcomms should typically be run to collect data after some incident for which you are contacting Veritas Support. getcomms clear any GAB debug bits. Usually GAB debug bits are set only for debugging purposes to assist in RCA, under the guidance of Veritas Support. If you have a gabdebug command in your /etc/gabtab file, or manually ran a gabdebug command to enable some specific GAB debug bits, the bits are lost. If you need to keep specific GAB debug bits enabled, the relevant gabdebug command(s) must be rerun. It also clears any GAB debug logs generated untill the getcomms command is run.


-help Show short usage
-local Collect data from local node only
-remote Collect data from entire cluster (default)
-ssh Use ssh, rather than rsh, to reach peers. Not used with -local