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haagent - administer agents and processes that manage VCS resources


haagent -start agent -sys system

haagent -stop agent [-force] -sys system

haagent -display [agent(s)] [-attribute attribute(s)]

haagent -dumpffdc agent -sys system

haagent -list [conditional(s)]

haagent -value agent attr

haagent [-help [-list]]




The haagent command starts, stops, displays, and lists VCS agents. See NOTES for how to specify "-" and "%" characters in the command line.


-start agent -sys system
  Instruct VCS Engine (HAD) to start an agent on the specified system. This is required only if the agent is manually stopped using the -stop command. Otherwise, VCS automatically starts agents.
-stop agent [-force] -sys system
  Instruct VCS Engine (HAD) to stop an agent on the specified system. Use the -force option to specify that the service groups continue to run.
Warning: The -force option stops the agent even if the resources for the agent are online. When the agent is stopped, the resources will not be monitored and VCS will not be able to ensure high availability for these resources, until the agent is restarted. You can use the -force option when performing operations such as, upgrading an agent without taking its resources offline.
-display [agent(s)] [-attribute attribute(s)]
  Display information about all agents or about a specified agent. Use the -attribute option to display an agent attribute. The command displays agent information for the local system if a system is not specified.
-dumpffdc agent -sys system

The agent dumps the First Failure Data Capture (FFDC) logs for the specified agent to the /var/VRTSvcs/diag/agents/agentname folder on the specified system. For example, /var/VRTSvcs/diag/agents/Process.

If the agent encountered some problem and if the debug logging was not turned on, these FFDC logs can be used for root-cause analysis.

-list [conditional(s)]
  Displays a list of agents whose values match given conditional statement(s). Conditional statements can take three forms: Attribute=Value, Attribute!=Value, Attribute=~Value. Multiple conditional statements imply AND logic. If no conditional statement is specified, all agents in the cluster are listed.
-value agent attr
  The -value option provides the value of a single agent attribute. For example, "haagent -value Mount Running" displays the value of the Running attribute for the Mount agent. The -value option is used instead of the -display option when one specific attribute value is needed rather than a table of many attribute values.
[-help [-list]]
  Displays information about using haagent. The -list option provides list specific help.


To start the Mount agent on system SysA, enter the following command:

# haagent -start Mount -sys SysA

To stop the Mount agent without stopping the Mount resources on system SysB, enter the following command:

# haagent -stop Mount -force -sys SysB


The -start and -stop options enable you to debug custom agents without having to start and stop VCS.

When using the command to specify or modify an attribute’s value that begins with a dash ("-"), precede the value with a percent sign ("%"). For example, specify -y as %-y. Likewise, precede a value that starts with a percent sign with another percent sign.