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hasite - define and manage sites on a cluster


hasite -add site

hasite -delete site

hasite -display site

hasite -modify site attribute value

hasite -list [conditional(s)]

hasite -help




You define a site and associate the site with systems from a cluster after you configure the SiteAware cluster attribute on a cluster. A system can belong to only one site. Configure sites to be preferred over other sites during a split-brain scenario.


-add site
  Add a site for a cluster. Enable clusters to add sites by setting the SiteAware attribute to 1.
-delete site
  Delete a site.
-display site
  Display the attributes for the site. The attributes for a site are Preference and SystemList.
-modify site attribute value
  Modify the site attribute values. The user-defined attributes to configure sites are Preference and SystemList. You can set the site preference by configuring the Preference attribute. You can add or delete a system by configuring the SystemList attribute. The default value of the Preference (scalar type) and SystemList (keylist type) attributes are 3 and \(lq\(rq respectively. In a split-brain scenario, the fencing module prefers the site with the highest priority. The range of preference is 1 (lowest priority) to 4 (highest priority). If a site is not explicitly configured for a system, VCS assumes the system to belong to a default site with the lowest priority.

You cannot use the -modify option to change values already defined for a keylist attribute. For keylist attributes, use the -add, -delete keys.

SCALAR hasite -modify site attribute value
  Use the following command only when the attribute has no value:

hasite -modify site attribute value

For keylist attributes that have values defined, only the following operations are allowed:

hasite -modify site attribute -add key

hasite -modify site attribute -delete key

-list [conditional(s)]
  Displays a list of sites whose values match given conditional statement(s). Conditional statements can take three forms: Attribute=Value, Attribute!=Value, Attribute=~Value. Multiple conditional statements imply AND logic. If no conditional statement is specified, all sites in the cluster are listed.
-help Displays information about using hasite.