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vxumount - unmount a VxFS file system


vxumount [ -o [ force ] [ mntunlock=id ]] mount_point

vxumount [ -f ] mount_point




vxumount unmounts a currently mounted VxFS file system, specified by mount_point.

Cluster File System Issues

The vxumount command operates the same on cluster file systems. However, the primary file system cannot be unmounted, including forced unmount, if there are any secondary mounts.


-f Unmounts a VxFS file system even if it contains a busy file. -f is equivalent to the -o force option. See the -o force option for more information.
-o Specifies the VxFS-specific options in a comma-separated list. The available options are:
force Unmounts a VxFS file system even if it contains a busy file. Programs that try to access files after a file system is forcibly unmounted receive an EIO error. Using the force option can cause data loss for open files. The -o force option is the same as -f, and is included to maintain consistency with other platforms that only have the -o force option.
If force is not specified, vxumount does not unmount the file system if it contains a busy file.
If a file system has mounted Storage Checkpoints, that file system can be unmounted only after all of its Storage Checkpoints are unmounted, even if the force option is specified.
In some cases, if the force option is not specified and if there are any asynchronous Storage Checkpoint operations in progress, the vxumount command does not return until the operation completes. In such cases, the force option can be used.
  Unmounts a file system that was mounted with the mntlock=ID option. The mtab entry for the file system shows whether the file system was mounted with the mntlock option. The specified identifier, ID, must match the identifier specified with the mntlock option that was used to lock the mount point.


Only a privileged user can unmount file systems.


/etc/mnttab Table of mounted file systems.


fsadm_vxfs(1M), mkfs_vxfs(1M), mount(1M), mount_vxfs(1M), qiomkfile(1M), setmnt(1M), fsync(2), setuid(2), fs_vxfs(4), mnttab(4), vxfsio(7)

VxFS 8.0 vxumount(1M)