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fsckpt_fopen - open a Storage Checkpoint file


#include <fsckpt.h>

int fsckpt_fopen(void *fshandle, char *relckpt, char *filename, void **filehandle);




fsckpt_fopen() opens a file specified by filename for use by the Storage Checkpoint API library. fsckpt_fopen() associates the file specified by filehandle and returns the handle to the caller. All arguments are checked before creating a validated file handle. The file handle is then used for all subsequent Storage Checkpoint file operations.

relckpt indicates a relative Storage Checkpoint for the fsckpt_fbmap() function to operate against. See the fsckp_fbmap(3) man page for more information.


fsckpt_fopen() returns zero on success, non-zero on failure.


EACCES The file name specified by filename does not exist, or is read-only and user does not have permission to perform the operation.
EINVAL The function is being used incorrectly, or the arguments to the function could not be validated. This may occur when an application tries to use an fshandle that was not created by the same process.
EIO An I/O error occurred on the device. The Storage Checkpoint could not be loaded.
ENOENT The relative Storage Checkpoint relckpt does not exist.
ENOMEM Memory could not be allocated to support the API.
EROFS The file system is mounted as read-only; no updates are allowed on the file system and the Storage Checkpoint cannot be modified.
VX_NOLICENSE There is no existing license for the checkpoint feature. This error is returned when the user attempts to obtain a handle with fsckpt_fsopen().


fsckptadm(1M), fsckpt_create(3), fsckpt_createall(3), fsckpt_fsopen(3), fsckpt_intro(3)

VxFS 8.0 fsckpt_fopen(3)