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fsckpt_fsopen - open a mount point for Storage Checkpoint management


#include <fsckpt.h>

int fsckpt_fsopen(char *mountpoint, unsigned int *version, void **fshandle);




fsckpt_fsopen() opens a file system mounted under the path name supplied by mountpoint. fsckpt_fsopen() associates the mounted file system with an API handle specified by fshandle. This handle is used to identify the file system on subsequent Storage Checkpointing operations.

A version number is passed to fsckpt_fsopen() to associate the function with a set of features available. The FSCKPT_VERSION constant is defined and represents the most current version of the API. It is recommended that applications use this definition when using the API. fshandle is the address to an opaque pointer used by the API as a cookie on all subsequent Storage Checkpoint management routines. This handle is used internally by the API and should not be modified or interpreted by calling applications.

fshandle is not inheritable across forked processes. Child processes trying to operate on the same file system must acquire their own file system handles by issuing their own fsckpt_fsopen() calls.


fsckpt_fsopen() returns zero on success, non-zero on failure.


EBADF The specified mount point is not the name of the mounted root directory.
EINVAL The function is being used incorrectly, or the arguments to the function could not be validated. This may occur when an application tries to use an fshandle that was not created by the same process.
ENOMEM Memory could not be allocated to support the API.
ENOTSUP Wrong Checkpoint API version, or the Storage Checkpointing function is not supported on the specified mount point.


fsckptadm(1M), fsckpt_fsclose(3), fsckpt_intro(3)

VxFS 8.0 fsckpt_fsopen(3)