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fsckpt_mkprimary - make a Storage Checkpoint in a VxFS file system the primary fileset for that file system


#include <fsckpt.h>

int fsckpt_mkprimary(char *spec, char *ckptname, unsigned int version);




fsckpt_mkprimary() marks the Storage Checkpoint ckptname found in the VxFS file system on the block special device spec as the primary fileset in that file system. The old primary fileset and any intermediate Storage Checkpoints between the old and new primary filesets are deleted.

A version number is passed to fsckpt_fsopen() to associate the function with a set of features available. The FSCKPT_VERSION constant is defined and represents the most current version of the API. It is recommended that applications use this definition when using the API.

This operation demands that all filesets within that file system be unmounted when it is executed, that the file system type must be Version 4 or later, and that the Storage Checkpoint designated as the new primary fileset must be a writable mountable data Storage Checkpoint.


When a Storage Checkpoint is marked as the primary fileset using fsckpt_mkprimary() , all changes made to that file system after that Storage Checkpoints creation date will be permanently lost. The only Storage Checkpoints and data preserved will be those which were created at the same time as, or prior to, the selected Storage Checkpoint’s creation.


fsckpt_mkprimary() returns zero on success, non-zero on failure.


EINVAL The function is being used incorrectly, or the arguments to the function could not be validated. This may occur when an application tries to use an fshandle that was not created by the same process.
EIO An I/O error occurred on the device. The Storage Checkpoint could not be loaded.
ENOENT The specified Storage Checkpoint ckptname does not exist.
EBUSY One or more filesets within the file system on spec are mounted or are otherwise busy.


fsckptadm(1M), fsckpt_cntl(3), fsckpt_create(3), fsckpt_createall(3), fsckpt_fsopen(3), fsckpt_info(3), fsckpt_intro(3), fsckpt_sa_info(3)

VxFS 8.0 fsckpt_mkprimary(3)