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vxfs_ap_enumerate2 - return information about all allocation policies


cc -I /opt/VRTS/include -L /opt/VRTS/lib

-l vxfsutil -ldl

#include <sys/types.h>

#include <vxfsutil.h>

int vxfs_ap_enumerate2(int fd, uint32_t *countp, struct fsap_info2 **infolistpp);




vxfs_ap_enumerate2() allocates and fills the array of fsap_info2 structures with information on the allocation policies belonging to the file system specified by fd. The file descriptor fd can be any file on the file system. On return, *countp contains the number of records that were filled in. The fsap_info2 entries in the list are traversed using the VXFS_AP_NEXTINFO(infop) macro. The caller is responsible for freeing the fsap_info2 list by calling vxfs_ap_free2().

struct fsap_info2 { char ap_name[FSAP_NAMESZ]; uint32_t ap_flags; uint32_t ap_order; uint64_t ap_chunk; uint32_t ap_ncomp; uint32_t ap_pad; union { char apc_vols[1][FSVOL_NAMEZ]; char apc_subp[1][FSAP_NAMEZ]; } ap_comp; }; #define ap_vols ap_comp.apc_vols #define ap_subp ap_comp.apc_subp

To use this function, specify -l vxfsutil while linking.


This API supports file system versions 6.0 and above.


vxfs_ap_enumerate2() returns zero on success, non-zero on failure.


EFAULT One or more of the specified pointer arguments points to an illegal address.
ENOTSUP This operation is not supported by the disk layout version of the specified file system. Use vxupgrade(1m) to enable this operation.


The following pseudo-code lists the policies of a file system:

#include <vxfsutil.h> /* * List policies of a file system. */ int list_policy() { struct fsap_info2 *fsap = NULL; struct fsap_info2 *infop; uint32_t count; int err = 0; int fd; int i; if ((fd = open("My_mountpoint", O_RDONLY)) < 0) { return errno; } if (err = vxfs_ap_enumerate2(fd, &count, &fsap)) { goto out; } for (i = 0, infop = fsap; i < count; i++, infop = VXFS_AP_NEXTINFO(infop)) { /* * Do something with the policy. */ do_something(infop); } out: close(fd); if (fsap) { vxfs_ap_free2(fsap); } return err; }


vxfs_ap_alloc2(3), vxfs_ap_assign_ckpt(3), vxfs_ap_assign_file(3), vxfs_ap_assign_fs(3), vxfs_ap_define(3), vxfs_ap_define2(3), vxfs_ap_remove(3), vxfs_ap_enforce_file(3), vxfs_ap_enumerate(3), vxfs_ap_free2(3), vxfs_ap_query(3), vxfs_ap_query2(3), vxfs_ap_query_ckpt(3), vxfs_ap_query_file(3), vxfs_ap_query_fs(3), vxfs_vol_add(3), vxfs_vol_deencapsulate(3), vxfs_vol_encapsulate(3), vxfs_vol_remove(3), vxfs_vol_resize(3), vxfs_vol_stat(3)

VxFS 8.0 vxfs_ap_enumerate2(3)