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vxfs_vol_deencapsulate - deencapsulate a volume from a multi-volume file system


cc -I /opt/VRTS/include -L /opt/VRTS/lib
-l vxfsutil -ldl

#include <sys/types.h>

#include <vxfsutil.h>

int vxfs_vol_deencapsulate(char *fname);




vxfs_vol_deencapsulate() is the reverse of the vxfs_vol_encapsulate() operation. vxfs_vol_deencapsulate() takes a volume that was encapsulated in a file, restores the original contents to the volume, and removes the volume from the file system. The vxfs_vol_deencapsulate() operation can succeed only if the organization of the file and volume are unchanged from the state that encapsulation produced. If the size of the file is changed (for example, by vxfs_vol_resize()), or if the contents of the file are moved (for example, by fsadm -e, vxfs_ap_enforce_file(), or vxfs_ap_enforce_ckpt(), the amount of the volume being used by the file system is changed, so the encapsulation cannot be reversed and the de-encapsulate operation will fail with an ENOTSUP error.

If the operation succeeds, the file fname is removed.

Files created with the vxfs_vol_encapsulate_bias() operation cannot be de-encapsulated.


vxfs_vol_deencapsulate() returns zero on success, non-zero on failure.


EBUSY The encapsulation file is being accessed.
EINVAL The file specified by fname is not a valid encapsulation file.
EIO An I/O error occurred during the operation.
ENOENT The specified file does not exist.
ENOSPC There was insufficient space to complete the operation, possibly because a Storage Checkpoint was created since encapsulation.
ENOSYS There is no license installed to allow this operation.
ENOTSUP Deencapsulation cannot be performed because of a configuration change.
EROFS The specified file system is mounted read-only.


fsadm_vxfs(1M), vxfs_ap_assign_ckpt(3), vxfs_ap_assign_file(3), vxfs_ap_assign_fs(3), vxfs_ap_define(3), vxfs_ap_remove(3), vxfs_ap_enforce_file(3), vxfs_ap_enumerate(3), vxfs_ap_query(3), vxfs_ap_query_ckpt(3), vxfs_ap_query_file(3), vxfs_ap_query_fs(3), vxfs_vol_add(3), vxfs_vol_encapsulate(3), vxfs_vol_enumerate(3), vxfs_vol_remove(3), vxfs_vol_resize(3), vxfs_vol_stat(3)

VxFS 8.0 vxfs_vol_deencapsulate(3)