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vxfs_ifree_timelag - VxFS inode free time lag, which specifies the minimum time to be spent on a freelist


/usr/sbin/kctune -s vxfs_ifree_timelag=value


Specify an integer value.
Minimum 270
Maximum None
Default 0


In VxFS, the unused inodes are put on a freelist. The memory space for this unused inode is freed if it stays on the freelist for a specified amount of time. The vxfs_ifree_timelag tunable specifies the minimum amount of time an inode should spend on a freelist before its memory space is freed. The time is specified in seconds. Specifying negative one (-1) stops the freeing of inode space; no further inode allocations are freed until the value is changed back to a value other than negative one. A value of 0 means that VxFS uses the default value, which is 600 seconds.

vxfs_ifree_timelag is a dynamic tunable. Any changes to vxfs_ifree_timelag take effect immediately.


The following command changes the value of vxfs_ifree_timelag to 2400 seconds:

# kctune -s vxfs_ifree_timelag=2400


Incorrectly tunning a parameter may adversely affect system performance. See the Storage Foundation Administrator’s Guide for more information about tuning parameters.

VxFS kernel tunable parameters are release specific. This parameter may be removed or the default value and usage may change in future releases. See the Storage Foundation Release Notes for information about changes to parameters, if any.


kctune(1M), vx_maxlink(5), vx_ninode(5), vxfs_bc_bufhwm(5)

VxFS 8.0 vxfs_ifree_timelag(5)