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svsiscsiadm - Adds, deletes, and monitors iSCSI exports


svsiscsiadm config iqn_prefix [ node1, node2, ... ]

svsiscsiadm unconfig [ -f ]

svsiscsiadm create lun [ -n | -s file ] [ -t TargetID ] BackingFile [ size ]

svsiscsiadm create target [ -o IQN ] [ -a ACL ] CFSMountResource

svsiscsiadm remove lun [ -f ] TargetID LUN_ID

svsiscsiadm remove target TargetID

svsiscsiadm list [ -s ]

svsiscsiadm online TargetID

svsiscsiadm offline [ -f ] TargetID




The svsiscsiadm command provides a mechanism to simplify the administration of exporting iSCSI LUNs backed by files residing on the VirtualStore file system. This utilizes the iSCSI target driver implementation that is shipped with the operating system.


config iqn_prefix
  Configures the cluster for iscsi exports. One or more nodes can be optionally specified. By default this will be added to the beginning of each target iSCSI Qualified Name (IQN). However this can be overridden when creating the target.
unconfig Removes the iSCSI target daemon management from the cluster.
create lun Create an iSCSI LUN export backed by the given filename. If no target exists for the Cluster File System (CFS) upon which the backing file resides then one is created with default IQN and ACL. If the file does not exist it will be created and securely preallocated to the given size. A numeric value with a suffix specifies the size: b for 512-byte blocks, k for kilobytes, m for megabytes, g for gigabytes, or t for terabytes.
create target
  Creates a target to export LUNs from a given CFS.
removes lun
  Removes the exported LUN from the given target.
remove target
  Remove the given target.
list Prints the current iSCSI exports in the cluster.
online Onlines a target.
offline Offlines a target.


-a ACL Overrides the default ACL which is "ALL".
-f With the unconfig keyword it offlines the target forcefully before removing of the iSCSI target daemon management from the cluster.
With the remove lun keyword it deletes the LUN backing file stored on cfsmount.
With the offline keyword it forces to offline a target.
-n Do not preallocate the backing file. A sparse file is created if necessary.
-s file Creates the LUN as a VxFS file snapshot.
-s IQNsuffix Suffix the configured IQN Name with the specified string.
-t TargetID Attach the LUN to the given Target, specified by tid. If no target is specified and only a single target exists for the CFS then that is used, if no target exists then a default one is created.
-o IQN Overides the configured IQN Name with the specified complete IQN name.
-s Displays the per node status of the LUN.


Storage Foundation Cluster File System High Availability Administrator’s Guide

VxFS 8.0 svsiscsiadm(1M)