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dbdst_report - displays either the policy information or the audit information which are reported on the specified dates.


dbdst_report -S ORACLE_SID -o policy

dbdst_report -S ORACLE_SID -o audit [startdate=<time_in_secs | YYYY-MM-DD>, enddate=<time_in_secs | \YYYY-MM-DD>]

dbdst_report -S ORACLE_SID -o audit [startdate=<YYYY-MM-DD>] | [enddate= <\YYYY-MM-DD>]


Veritas Storage Foundation. To determine whether this product is installed on a Linux system, enter:

rpm -qa | grep VRTSdbed


The dbdst_report command is used to display policy information, which consists of plan name, plan type, rule name, directory, and rule description or to display TSDB reported audit information based on the specified dates. If no date is specified, all audit information will be displayed.


The following options are supported:
-S ORACLE_SID Specifies the name of the Oracle database for which information will be retrieved.
-o policy Specifies to display policy information.
-o audit Specifies to display all of the reported audit information in the repository.
-o audit [startdate=<time_in_secs | YYYY-MM-DD>,
  enddate=<time_in_secs | \YYYY-MM-DD>]
  Specifies to display audit information reported based specified start date and end date. Dates can be specified in UNIX time stamp (the number of seconds between a particular date and the Unix Epoch), or in date format of YYYY-MM-DD.
-o audit [startdate=<YYYY-MM-DD>] | [enddate= <\YYYY-MM-DD>]
  Specifies to display audit information which are reported from the start date, or to display reported audit information up to the end date but not included the end date.


dbdst_report must be run as Oracle DBA user.

Real Application Clusters (RAC) Considerations

This command is supported in a RAC environment. This command can be run on any node of the RAC.


$ /opt/VRTS/bin/dbdst_report -S $ORACLE_SID -o policy

TSDB Database Policy Report ----------------------------------------------------- Plan Name = archivelog:archive1 Plan Type = ARCHIVE LOG Rule Name = DBED_relocate_age_ino63_ Directory=/susanvset/archive1 Rule Description = THREE >= 15 days

$ /opt/VRTS/bin/dbdst_report -S $ORACLE_SID -o audit

AUDIT DATETIME AUDIT DESCRIPTION ------------------- ------------------------------------------- 02/10/2006-23:28:15 ADMIN;Added;class name=ONE 02/10/2006-23:28:16 ADMIN;Added;class name=TWO 02/10/2006-23:28:17 ADMIN;Added;class name=THREE 02/10/2006-23:28:18 ADMIN;Modified Successfully;max/min class=4/2, statinterval=30, sweeptime=22:0, purgetime=20:0, swp/prg freq=1:30 02/10/2006-23:28:35 Convert;SUCCESS;Converting device /dev/vx/dsk/eeedg/myvset mounted at /susanvset/myvset 02/10/2006-23:28:38 Addvol;SUCCESS;volume susan1 belongs to storage_class ONE 02/10/2006-23:28:41 Addvol;SUCCESS;volume susan3 belongs to storage_class TWO


0 Command executed successfully.
1 An Error Occured.
101 Licence check failed.
102 No license to execute this command.
103 Invalid Storage Class
104 The device or mount point is not owned by user
105 Could not get information from Oracle Database
255 Could not load program.


RAC is not supported with some SF products/configurations. For details please refer to the Veritas Storage Foundation: Storage and Availability Management for Oracle Databases Guide

dbdst_classify(1M), dbdst_admin(1M), dbdst_convert(1M), dbdst_file_move(1M), dbdst_partition_move(1M), dbdst_preset_policy(1M), dbdst_report(1M), dbdst_rmvol(1M), dbdst_show_fs(1M), dbdst_tbs_move(1M), dbdst_obj_move(1M), dbdst_obj_view(1M), oracle_edition(7)

Veritas Storage Foundation: Storage and Availability Management for Oracle Databases

SF for Oracle dbdst_report(1M)