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dbed_ckptmount - mount a Storage Checkpoint for an Oracle database


dbed_ckptmount -S ORACLE_SID -c CKPT_NAME -m MOUNT_POINT
[ -o rw | ro ] [ -h ]


Veritas Storage Foundation. To determine whether this product is installed on the system, enter:

 rpm -qa | grep VRTSdbed


The dbed_ckptmount command is used to mount a Storage Checkpoint into the file system namespace. Mounted Storage Checkpoints appear as any other file system on the machine and can be accessed using all normal file system-based commands.


The following options are supported:
-S ORACLE_SID Specifies the name of the Oracle database for which a Storage Checkpoint will be mounted.
-c CKPT_NAME Specifies the name of the Storage Checkpoint to be mounted. This Storage Checkpoint should have been created using the dbed_ckptcreate command.
-m MOUNT_POINT Mounts the Storage Checkpoint under the named directory. If the directory does not exist, then dbed_ckptmount creates it before mounting the Storage Checkpoint, as long as the instance has permission to create it.
-o ro | rw Specifies read-only or read-write for mounting the Storage Checkpoint. By default, all Storage Checkpoints are mounted read-only. Mounting a Storage Checkpoint read- write requires creating a shadow Storage Checkpoint against the existing read-only one to ensure that the frozen image is preserved. Thus, the mounted Storage Checkpoint name will be different than the one named on the command line if the rw option is used. _rw_xxx, where xxx is an integer, will be appended to the Storage Checkpoint name if it is mounted as read-write.
-h Shows command usage.


This example shows how to mount a Storage Checkpoint with the read/write option:

 $ /opt/VRTS/bin/dbed_ckptmount -S PROD -c Ckpt_1313572750 -o rw -m /tmp/ckpt1
 Creating Storage Checkpoint Ckpt_1313572750_rw_1313571263
 Storage Checkpoint Ckpt_1313572750_rw_1313571263 created
 Mounting to /tmp/ckpt1
 Checkpoint is mounted

This example shows how to mount a Storage Checkpoint with the read-only option:

 $ /opt/VRTS/bin/dbed_ckptmount -S PROD -c Ckpt_1313572750 -m /tmp/ckpt1-ro
 Mounting to /tmp/ckpt1-ro
 Checkpoint is mounted


dbed_ckptmount can be run as either the Oracle DBA user or the superuser.


dbed_ckptdisplay(1M), dbed_ckptmount(1M), dbed_ckptremove(1M), dbed_ckptrollback(1M), dbed_ckptumount(1M), dbed_clonedb(1M), dbed_update(1M), vxsfadm-oracle-checkpoint(1M), vxsfadm(1M)

Veritas Storage Foundation: Storage and Availability Management for Oracle Databases Guide

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Storage Foundation dbed_ckptmount(1M)