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sfua_rept_util - Backup and Restore Repository information.


sfua_rept_util -S SID -o backup [ -d directory ] sfua_rept_util -S SID -o list [ -d directory ] sfua_rept_util -S SID -o restore [ -d directory ]
-f backup file


Veritas Storage Foundation. To determine whether this product is installed on the system, enter:

 rpm -qa | grep VRTSdbed


The sfua_rept_util command is used to backup and restore the SFAE repository. The repository should be backed up frequently after significant changes to a repository like creating a new snapplan, creating checkpoints etc. The default location for the backup is same location where the repository exist. The backup location can be changed by specifying -d <directory> option. In HA and RAC configuration, the backup location must be in a shared storage such that every node in the cluster can access the backup location. Different database repositories can not share same backup location. The disk space at backup location is automatically managed. Each backup file will have timestamp in its filename. This command will preserve only last seven backups.


The following options are supported:
-S ORACLE_SID Specifies the SID of the Database for which the repository needs to be backed up.
-o backup Specifies that the operation is to backup.
-o list Specifies that the operation is to list backup files.
-o restore Specifies that the operation is to restore selected backup file.
-d directory Specifies the directory location for backup and restore. This is an optional argument.
-f filename Specifies the filename of the repository backup which needs to be restored This is required for the -o restore option.

Real Application Clusters (RAC) Considerations

This command is supported in a RAC environment. This command can be run on any node of the RAC. IN a RAC environment make sure the backup location is accessible by all nodes of the cluster.


This example shows how to backup a repository for a database with ORACLE_SID as Prod

 $ /opt/VRTS/bin/sfua_rept_util -S Prod -o backup
 Backingup Repository for SID=a\k:^XXProda\k:^XX
 Copying Repository for SID=Prod to a\k:^XX/etc/vx/vxdba/Prod/.sfdb_repta\k:^XX
 Backup Repository for SID=a\k:^XXProda\k:^XX Completed

 $ /opt/VRTS/bin/sfua_rept_util -S Prod -o list
 Listing Repository Backups for SID=a\k:^XXrac10g2a\k:^XX
 2009-08-11@15:53 925696 rept.PROD.db_2009-08-11@15:53
 2009-08-11@15:54 925696 rept.PROD.db_2009-08-11@15:54

 $ /opt/VRTS/bin/sfua_rept_util -S Prod -o restore -f rept.PROD.db_2009-08-11@15:54
 Restoring Repository for SID=a\k:^XXrac10g2a\k:^XX
 Restore Repository for SID=a\k:^XXrac10g2a\k:^XX Completed


This command must be run as Oracle DBA user.

This command can be executed when the database is online.

Make sure the backup location directory has write permissions for oracle user

The dbed_update must be run at least once before this command to ensure an up-to-date repository.


0 Command executed successfully.
1 An Error Occured.


dbed_update(1M), vxsfadm(1M)

Veritas Storage Foundation: Storage and Availability Management for Oracle Databases


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