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Filesnap service usage using the vxsfadm utility for Oracle.


vxsfadm -s filesnap -a oracle [ <options> ] -o <operation>

 Options are:

 [ -c <config-file> ]
 [ -r <Respository-host> ]
 [ --filesnap-name=<value> | --name=<value> ]
 [ --clone-name=<value> ]
 [ --oracle-sid=<value> | -S <value> ]
 [ --oracle-home=<value> | -H <value> ]


The filesnap service for Oracle can be used to create point-in-time copies/ snapshots of an Oracle database using VxFS file-level snapshots. A filesnap snapshot can then be used to create multiple database clones or serve to restore the database files from the snapshot, after which, a manual recovery is required to perform database point-in-time recovery.

Configuration Options

Below is an explanation of the configuration parameters specific to Oracle supported by the filesnap service, which can be specified in three different ways:
1. On the command line.
2. In a configuration file.
3. In the environment.
Parameters provided on the command line take precedence over those in the configuration file or in the environment. Parameters provided in the configuration file take precedence over those in the environment.
ORACLE_SID | ORACLE-SID This is the Oracle SID (Oracle instance Identifier/ service identifier) which uniquely identifies an Oracle database.

This is a mandatory parameter.

ORACLE_HOME | ORACLE-HOME This is the Oracle Home directory for the Oracle database.

This is a mandatory parameter.

APP_MODE | APP-MODE This parameter specifies the snapshot mode. Currently, filesnap supports only the online snapshot mode and is the default snapshot mode for filesnap.

In online snapshot mode, The oracle database is put in hot backup mode before the filesnap is created for the database. The database is taken out of hot backup mode after the filesnap snapshot is created. Recovery information is added to the database snapshot to allow database point-in-time recovery.

This is a not a mandatory option. The default mode is ’online’.

CLONE_NAME | CLONE-NAME This is the name for a clone database, when a clone database is created from a snapshot. This name is also used as the Oracle SID for the clone database and so must follow the naming conventions for Oracle SIDs.

This is a mandatory option when cloning or when operating on a clone.

PFILE This paramater can be used to specify the pfile used by the primary database. If not specified the default pfile is assumed

This is not a mandatory option

PFILE_MOD | PFILE-MOD This paramater specifies the file containing the modified pfile attributes to e used in the clone database.

This is not a mandatory option


vxfsadm(1M), vxsfadm-oracle(1M), vxsfadm-filesnap(1M)

vxsfadm-flashsnap(1M), vxsfadm-sos(1M), vxsfadm-checkpoint(1M) vxsfadm-oracle-flashsnap(1M), vxsfadm-oracle-sos(1M), vxsfadm-oracle-checkpoint(1M)

Storage Foundation vxsfadm-oracle-filesnap(1M)