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vcsmmdebug - Set up debugging of VCSMM driver.


vcsmmdebug -s opt

vcsmmdebug -u opt

vcsmmdebug -p type [-S bufsize] [-d delay [-o file]]

vcsmmdebug -A

vcsmmdebug -D [-S bufsize] [-d delay [-o file]]

vcsmmdebug -t

vcsmmdebug -z f-size

vcsmmdebug -h




The vcsmmdebug command sets the appropriate debug flag in the kernel for the VCSMM driver and can be used to print the debug log.


-s or -u opt Set up debugging of VCSMM driver setting or clearing the appropriate flag. -s will set the option, and -u will unset it. The arguments for opt, are as follows:

all - always print all debug messages

lists - list manipulations

interface - interface to vcsmm driver

request - broadcast requests from vcsmm

reconfig - cluster reconfiguration

group - application / process groups

snap - snapshot sent / received

pref - "PREF"

buffer - buffer related stuff

syslog - copy syslog messages

other - miscellaneous types not categorized above

dbgmsg - debug point

errmsg - error point

-p Print various pieces of information about the driver state or its history. The type argument may be one of:

memb - current node membership

state - the cluster state

dbglog - debug log

dbgflags - debug flags

dbgmsg=x - value of debug point x

errmsg=x - value of error point x

-D Print the kernel data structures for VCSMM.
-A Print the kernel data structures for VCSMM on all nodes to the syslog. These data are syncronized with a GAB broadcast and should all be the same.
-t Print information about the tunable parameters.
-z f-size is the max output file size (if template, def 16MB)
-h Display usage for command.


To set flag to dump broadcast request and snapshot messages, set:

vcsmmdebug -s request,snap

To set flag to dump messages of the interface to the vcsmm driver, of groups, and snapshots, set:

vcsmmdebug -s interface,group,snap



SFRAC 8.0 vcsmmdebug(1M)