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vrstat - display statistical information for volumes in RVGs and RLINKs, and for all hosts in an RDS


vrstat [-g diskgroup] [-V] [-S] [-R] [-M] [-n number] [rvg ...]


The vrstat command prints statistical information for the volumes in Replicated Volume Groups (RVGs) and RLINKs, and for all hosts in a Replicated Data Set (RDS). Information is displayed across the RDS setup on all the hosts, and not for a specific host.

By default, the command displays statistics at intervals of 10 seconds. This interval can be changed by setting the VRAS_STATS_FREQUENCY environment variable to the required value in the /etc/vx/vras/vras_env file.

If no rvg argument is specified, the command displays information for the RLINKs, storage replicator logs (SRLs), data volumes or memory tunables across all the RDSs on the local host, depending on the option that is specified.

If no option or argument is specified, the vrstat command displays the consolidated status for the RLINKs, SRLs, data volumes and memory tunables of all RDSs on the local host.

For more information on the output formats, see the vxrlink(1M), vxstat(1M) and vxmemstat(1M) manual pages.


-g diskgroup Specifies the disk group for the operation. If the -g option is not specified, the rvg argument determines the default local disk group, according to the standard disk group selection rules that are described on the vxdg(1M) manual page.
-M Displays detailed information for the memory tunables on every host in an RDS. The output from this option is similar to that from the vxmemstat command.
-n number Displays the statistics number times, and then exits.
-R Displays RLINK-related statistical information for all hosts in an RDS. The output from this option combines the output from the vxrlink stats and vxrlink status commands, and also displays bandwidth utilization by the RLINK. This output can be used to diagnose connectivity and network problems.
-S Displays statistical information for SRL volumes on all hosts in an RDS.
-V Displays statistical information for data volumes on all hosts in an RDS.


The vrstat utility exits with a status of 0 if the attempted operation succeeds. It exits with a status of 1 if the attempted operation fails. This exit code is the same for all errors.


Display statistical information for all RLINKs in an RDS across all hosts:

vrstat -R egrvg

Display consolidated statistical information for all RLINKs, SRLs, data volumes and memory tunables for all RDSs on a host:



vxmemstat(1M), vxrlink(1M), vxstat(1M)

VxVM 7.3.1 vrstat(1M)