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vxscsiinq - display SCSI inquiry data


/etc/vx/diag.d/vxscsiinq [-cdh] device_name


The vxscsiinq utility returns SCSI inquiry data for the specified disk device (for example, sda or /dev/sda). The returned vendor and product identification values can be used with the vxdiskadm, vxdmpadm and vxinstall commands.


-c Summarizes inquiry data as a colon-separated list on a single line.
-d Returns detailed inquiry data.
-h Prints a help message on the usage of the command.
-p page_code Specifies the page code for the SCSI inquiry command. The page code is a numeric value in decimal or hexadecimal format. The default value is 0. The page code field specifies which page of vital product data should be returned if evpd_value is set to 1. The value of page_code must be set to 0 if the value of evpd_value is set to 0.


vxdiskadm(1M), vxdmpadm(1M), vxinstall(1M)

VxVM 7.3.1 vxscsiinq(1M)