Virtualization support for Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions 7.0 products in replicated environments

All VCS supported replication agents which are listed on SORT are supported inside the guest (virtual to virtual clustering). The in-guest support matrix for replication agent is the same as the VCS support matrix. If VCS is supported inside a guest on a virtualization platform, then the replication agent is also supported.

For Linux:

Supported Linux virtualization technologies:

Pre-requisite for replication agent support in virtual environments:

Data disks must be made visible to the guest as pass-through devices, such as VMware to RDM, LDOM to Physical Disk or Disk Lun without slice option.


Firedrill functionality is not supported in virtual environments for the following replication agents:

Only Firedrill functionality is affected: these replication agents can be used to manage replication inside guests.