Changing the value of the Veritas Volume Manager tunable parameters using templates

VxVM provides a template method to change the tunable parameters. With this method, you export the tunable parameters to a file, modify the file, then import the file. The tunable template must be strictly of the format that export provides. In case of discrepencies observe that particular value will be discarded.

To change the values of the VxVM tunable parameters using templates

  1. Export the tunable parameters and their values to a tunable template file. You can export all of the tunable parameters or specify a component.
    # vxtune -o export file=file_name [component]

    For example:

    # vxtune -o export file=vxvm-tunables
    # vxtune -o export file=vvr-tunables vvr
  2. Modify the template as required. You must retain the file format that the export operation provides.
  3. Import the tunable template file to the sytem. The import operation only applies valid values. If a value is not valid for a specific parameter, that particular value is discarded.
    # vxtune -o import file=file_name

    For example:

    # vxtune -o import file=vxvm-tunables