VxFS Version 10 disk layout

Disk layout Version 10 enables support for SmartIO and maxlink. The Version 10 disk layout can support files and file systems upto 256 TB only. The maximum file system size that can be created is currently restricted to 6 gigabytes. For a file system to take advantage of greater than 1 terabyte support, it must be created on a Veritas Volume Manager volume. For 64-bit kernels, the maximum size of the file system you can create depends on the block size.

Block Size

Currently-Supported Maximum File System Size

1024 bytes

68,719,472,624 sectors (≈32 TB)

2048 bytes

137,438,945,248 sectors (≈64 TB)

4096 bytes

274,877,890,496 sectors (≈128 TB)

8192 bytes

549,755,780,992 sectors (≈256 TB)

The Version 10 disk layout supports group quotas.The vxfsconvert (1M) command is used to upgrade ext2 or ext3 file systems to the Version 10 disk layout when the file system is not mounted.

See About quota files on Veritas File System.


Only files and file systems up to 256 TB are supported.