Viewing the status of a relayout

Online relayout operations take time to perform. You can use the vxrelayout command to obtain information about the status of a relayout operation. For example, the following command:

# vxrelayout -g mydg status vol04

might display output similar to the following:

STRIPED, columns=5, stwidth=128--> STRIPED, columns=6, 
Relayout running, 68.58% completed.

In this example, the reconfiguration is in progress for a striped volume from 5 to 6 columns, and is over two-thirds complete.

See the vxrelayout(1M) manual page.

If you specify a task tag to vxassist when you start the relayout, you can use this tag with the vxtask command to monitor the progress of the relayout. For example, to monitor the task that is tagged as myconv, enter the following:

# vxtask monitor myconv