About Quick Recovery snapshot solutions

Storage Foundation for Windows (SFW) provides the capability to create point-in-time images of production Exchange databases. These images, called snapshot sets, contain snapshots of the volumes associated with the databases and transaction logs. A snapshot set is a complete copy of the database at the specific point in time the snapshots are taken.

SFW uses Veritas FlashSnap™ technology along with the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) framework to quiesce an Exchange database and ensure a persistent snapshot of the production data.

Quick Recovery is the term for creating and maintaining the snapshot sets on-host for use in quickly recovering missing or corrupt Exchange databases. The Quick Recovery solution provides fast recovery from logical errors and eliminates the time-consuming process of restoring data from tape. Databases can be recovered to the point in time when the snapshot was taken or, by using current logs, rolled forward to the point of failure. Quick Recovery is designed to augment your traditional backup methodology.

Using the SFW Quick Recovery Configuration wizard, you can create multiple snapshot sets for each database and set up schedules for creating and refreshing the snapshot sets. The snapshot sets can be maintained on-host as a Quick Recovery solution.

SFW snapshot solutions use a split-mirror snapshot method. The snapshot is a separate persistent volume that contains an exact duplicate of all the data on the original volume at the time the snapshot is taken. This type of persistent physical snapshot is also known as a Clone (HP) or a BCV (EMC). In contrast, copy-on-write snapshots, also known as metadata snapshots, only copy changed blocks to the snapshot and do not create a separate physical volume.

Because a snapshot set contains a split-mirror snapshot copy of each of the volumes, the snapshot set requires the same amount of space as the original volumes.

Veritas FlashSnap technology is also integrated into the NetBackup 6.0 Advanced Client Option and Backup Exec 10d Advanced Disk-based Backup Option. These products are the preferred solution for on and off host snapshot-assisted backup.