About snapshot templates

A snapshot template contains all the settings that you implemented with the Quick Recovery Configuration Wizard for the selected Exchange component. For Microsoft Exchange 2007, Exchange components are defined as storage groups. For Microsoft Exchange 2010, Exchange components are defined as databases.

After configuring settings with the wizard, you can save the template settings to a template (.tpl) file (an XML file) for use on another Exchange component. This enables you to re-use the same schedule or use it with minor modifications. If you apply the settings without saving, they are stored in the registry so that you can view or modify them in the wizard, but they are not available to import for another instance or Exchange component.

Before you can use the template settings on another system, you must first copy the template (.tpl) file to that system. You can then import the file while using the Quick Recovery Configuration Wizard.

If settings already exist for an Exchange component that you selected in the wizard, you cannot import a template to overwrite those settings. You can only modify the settings in the wizard. However, you can import a template for another Exchange component for which settings do not exist.

Templates store the following information: