Viewing the status of scheduled snapshots

If a scheduled snapshot fails for some reason, the scheduler process will attempt to rerun it. You may want to verify that scheduled snapshots completed successfully. From the VEA console, you can view snapshot results.

To view a scheduled snapshot status

  1. From the VEA console, navigate to the system where the production volumes and snapshot mirrors are located.

  2. Expand the system node and the Storage Agent node.
  3. Click Scheduled Tasks to view all the applications that have schedules.

  4. Select the application for which you scheduled the snapshot. The scheduled snapshots are listed in the pane on the right.

    If you have just configured the schedules and they are not yet displayed, right-click the Storage Agent node and click Refresh to update the display.

  5. Choose one of the following:
    • To view the status of all scheduled jobs, right-click the selected application and click All Job History.

    • To view the status of a particular schedule, right-click the snapshot schedule name and click Job History.

  6. In the Job History dialog box, view the schedule information.

    You can sort listed schedules by clicking the column headings. The Status column shows if the snapshot completed successfully.