Displaying extended attributes after upgrading to DMP 7.2

You may see the following changes in functionality when you upgrade to DMP 7.2 from the Storage Foundation 5.1 release:

This behavior may be because the LUNs are controlled by the native multi-pathing driver, MPIO. When a LUN is controlled by TPD drivers like MPIO, then in DMP those enclosures are claimed as A/A (irrespective of what array mode LUN has at array). This is because multi-pathing is done from the TPD driver and DMP only sees oruses the TPD metanode to route commands. For TPD, DMP also suppresses the value-add extended attributes like AVID, media_type, and so on. If you migrate LUN multi-pathing to DMP, those extended attributes start showing with the actual LUN array mode as per the Array Support Library (ASL).

To check whether LUNs are controlled by native multi-pathing driver

You can migrate the LUNs from the control of the native multi-pathing driver to DMP control.