Downgrading the array support

The array support is available in a single fileset, VRTSaslapm, that includes Array Support Libraries (ASLs) and Array Policy Modules (APMs). Each major release of Dynamic Multi-Pathing includes the supported VRTSaslapm fileset, which is installed as part of the product installation. Between major releases, Veritas may provide additional array support through updates to the VRTSaslapm fileset.

If you have issues with an updated VRTSaslapm fileset, Veritas may recommend that you downgrade to a previous version of the ASL/APM fileset. You can only revert to a fileset that is supported for the installed release of Dynamic Multi-Pathing. To perform the downgrade while the system is online, do not remove the installed fileset. Instead, you can install the previous version of the fileset over the new fileset. This method prevents multiple instances of the VRTSaslapm fileset from being installed.

Use the following method to downgrade the VRTSaslapm fileset.

To downgrade the ASL/APM fileset while online