Migrating to DMP from Hitachi Data Link Manager (HDLM)

This procedure describes removing devices from HDLM control and enabling DMP on the devices.


DMP cannot co-exist with HDLM; HDLM must be removed from the system.

Plan for application and system downtime for the following procedure.

To remove devices from Hitachi Data Link Manager (HDLM) and enable DMP

  1. Stop the applications using the HDLM meta-device
  2. Unmount any file systems that use the volume group on the HDLM device.

    In a VCS environment, stop the VCS service group of the application, which will stop the application.

  3. Stop the LVM volume groups that use the HDLM device.
    # varyoffvg vgroupname
  4. Uninstall the HDLM package.
  5. Turn on the DMP support for the LVM volume group.
    # vxdmpadm settune dmp_native_support=on

    The above command also enables DMP support for LVM root.

  6. Reboot the system.

  7. After the reboot, DMP controls the devices. If there were any LVM volume groups on HDLM devices they are migrated onto DMP devices.
  8. Mount the file systems.
  9. Restart the applications.