Removing DMP support for native devices

The dmp_native_support tunable is persistent across reboots and product upgrades. You can disable native support for an individual device if you initialize it for VxVM, or if you set up TPD multi-pathing for that device.

To remove support for native devices from all DMP devices, turn off the dmp_native_support tunable.

This operation also disables DMP support for LVM rootvg, so it requires that you reboot the system. You can enable DMP support for the LVM rootvg separately, if required.

To turn off the dmp_native support tunable:

# vxdmpadm settune dmp_native_support=off

To view the value of the dmp_native_support tunable:

# vxdmpadm gettune dmp_native_support

Tunable               Current Value      Default Value
--------------------- ----------------   --------------
dmp_native_support          off              off

To retain DMP support for LVM rootvg after the dmp_native_support tunable is turned off, use the following command:

# vxdmpadm native enable vgname=rootvg
Please reboot the system to enable DMP support for LVM bootability