Displaying extended attributes of virtual SCSI disks

When a VIO client accesses a virtual SCSI disk that is backed by a Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP) device on the a Virtual I/O server, the VIO client can access the extended attributes associated with the virtual SCSI disk.

The following commands can access and display extended attributes information associated with the vSCSI disk backed by DMP device on a Virtual I/O server.

For example, use the following command on the VIO client dmpvioc1:

# vxdisk -e list
DEVICE           TYPE          DISK   GROUP  STATUS       OS_NATIVE_NAME  ATTR        
ibm_ds8x000_114f auto:LVM      -      -      LVM          hdisk83         std  
3pardata0_3968   auto:aixdisk  -      -      online thin  hdisk84         tp
# vxdmpadm list dmpnode dmpnodename=3pardata0_3968
dmpdev          = 3pardata0_3968
state           = enabled
enclosure       = 3pardata0
cab-sno         = 744
asl             = libvxvscsi.so
vid             = AIX
pid             = VDASD
array-name      = 3PARDATA
array-type      = VSCSI
iopolicy        = Single-Active
avid            = 3968
lun-sno         = 3PARdata%5FVV%5F02E8%5F2AC00F8002E8
udid            = AIX%5FVDASD%5F%5F3PARdata%255FVV%255F02E8%255F2AC00F8002E8
dev-attr        = tp
###path         = name state type transport ctlr hwpath aportID aportWWN attr
path            = hdisk84 enabled(a) - SCSI vscsi1 vscsi1 3 - -