Setting customized names for DMP nodes

The Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP) node name is the metadevice name that represents the multiple paths to a disk. The Device Discovery Layer (DDL) generates the DMP node name from the device name according to the Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP) naming scheme.

See Disk device naming in DMP.

You can specify a customized name for a DMP node. User-specified names are persistent even if names persistence is turned off.

You cannot assign a customized name that is already in use by a device. However, if you assign names that follow the same naming conventions as the names that the DDL generates, a name collision can potentially occur when a device is added. If the user-defined name for a DMP device is the same as the DDL-generated name for another DMP device, the vxdisk list command output displays one of the devices as 'error'.

To specify a custom name for a DMP node

You can also assign names from an input file. This enables you to customize the DMP nodes on the system with meaningful names.

To specify a custom name for an enclosure

To assign DMP nodes from a file

  1. To obtain a file populated with the names of the devices in your configuration, use the following command:
    # vxddladm -l assign names  > filename

    The sample file shows the format required and serves as a template to specify your customized names.

    You can also use the script vxgetdmpnames to get a sample file populated from the devices in your configuration.

  2. Modify the file as required. Be sure to maintain the correct format in the file.
  3. To assign the names, specify the name and path of the file to the following command:
    # vxddladm assign names file=pathname

To clear custom names