Changing the characteristics of a LUN from the array side

Some arrays provide a way to change the properties of LUNs. In most cases, you must completely stop usage of the device before the device shows the changed characteristics. We recommend taking the device offline before changing the LUN properties, and bringing the device back online again afterwards.

In certain cases, such as EMC BCV and SRDF operations, the device can remain online during this procedure.

In a cluster, perform the steps on all the nodes in the cluster.

To change the properties of a LUN

  1. Stop all applications and volumes that are hosted on the device.

    If the device is in use by Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM), perform the following steps:

    For LUNs using AIX LVM over DMP devices, remove the device from the LVM volume group or varyoff the volume group.

    # varyoffvg vgname
  2. Change the LUN characteristics.
  3. Bring the device online.

    For a Veritas Volume Manager disk:

    For LUNs using AIX LVM over DMP devices, add the device back into the LVM volume group or varyon the volume group.

    # varyonvg vgname
  4. Use DMP to perform a device scan.

    In a cluster, perform this command on all the nodes.

    # vxdisk scandisks